Sunday, November 3, 2013

November Currently!

It's that time again... time to link up with Farley at Oh Boy 4th Grade to share my November currently with you!  I know everybody says it EVERY time... but seriously, how does each month get here so quickly?  I really am bewildered because I feel like I just began a brand new year with my kiddos and then overnight they pick up on your new routines and they're off and rolling into a busy year!!

Listening - Well... it WAS silence!  Now it's my dog who has decided to declare her own dinner time since it's dark an hour earlier today and how dare mom be on her computer instead of paying attention to her... LOL!  Told you silence doesn't happen often. :-)

Loving - I follow all of my favorite bloggers on Bloglovin but each time I link up with Farley, I find new blogs that I've never heard of and add them to my favorites!!  (Maybe I'll be your new favorite, hehe!)  It's so awesome to chat with such a great group of teachers and share ideas with each other, especially last year when I was brand new to 2nd grade and definitely needed the ideas.

Thinking - How early is too early to start the countdown to a long weekend/vacation from school?  I vote for never... especially when you've survived/are surviving report cards, class parties, and conference nights!  I'm looking forward to time off at home to spend with family, time to catch up on school work, yummy food to eat, and decorating for Christmas!

Wanting - Seriously... do they make houses that clean themselves?  I wish I had time to catch up on some organization!

Needing - It suddenly went from 70 to 50... and when I pulled out my fall clothes I started thinking how that's ALL I will wear until like May and how I needed some fun new things to mix and match!  Where is your favorite place to shop for work clothes?  I am a khaki's girl and am super bummed because my American-Eagle-have-them-in-every-color-khaki's no longer come in boot cut so I need a new love!  :-(

A yummy pin - Oooh, so many to choose from!  I am constantly pinning yummy recipes to try. I'll have to go with these cool ranch tacos though from Plain Chicken (one of my favorite blogs to find recipes!).

                           Cool Ranch Chicken Tacos {Slow Cooker} | Plain Chickend  I'm a taco-a-holic, LOL!  I made them in the crockpot last weekend and both my husband and I liked them! They were super easy and made enough to not only have leftovers but to freeze some too for another night.  Yum!  Click here to check out this and other great recipes at Plain Chicken!

Speaking of yummy... I'm off to get dinner with my husband before another busy week begins!


  1. I totally had to go and follow your food board... think we could bond over food! :) Found you through the Currently... we can do the countdown to Thanksgiving break together (15 days of school left for me until break}... hope yours goes by quickly!

  2. I love finding new bloggers too! Those taco's look AMAZING!! I love tacos - Mexican is definitely in my top ten!!

    The E-Z Class